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Charles Wohlforth is a writer in Anchorage, Alaska. All contents are copyrighted and no reproduction or other use is authorized.
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Over 20 years as a freelance writer, I have published many magazine articles. Here are some highlights:

Spruce Bark Beetles and Climate Change (2002)
Surging Glaciers (2001)
Profile of Syun-Ichi Akasofu (1997)
Photosynthesis and the Carbon Cycle
Alaska Native People
The Inupiat and climate change (2005)
Inupiaq Whaling and Traditional Knowledge (2001)
Lela Kiana Oman and the Epic of Qayak (1997)
Chief Peter John (1997)
Heartbeat Alaska Native broadcasting (1994)
Alaska Travel
A Bus Ride in Denali (1997)
Domesticating Dutch Harbor (1994)

Cordova, Gustavus and Eagle
Profile of Joe Hill (1990)
Harvey Baskin, the Last Farmer (1991)