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 Charles Wohlforth

I write about Alaska, where I have lived all my life. My books include narrative nonfiction about science, nature and culture; politics and history; and travel. This site includes some of my work, resources for readers to learn more, and background about my books, articles, lectures and services..

Fate of Nature cover
My new book, The Fate of Nature, is due out from Thomas Dunne/St. Martin's June 9, 2010.

Please visit my new website and blog to learn about my current work.

Cover of The Whale and the Supercomputer The Whale and the Supercomputer is an adventure story about climate change. Eskimos in Alaska's Arctic cope with a changing world. Scientists struggle to understand the changes. A great challenge to mankind has arrived: this is the story of the first people attempting to meet it. Click here to learn more.
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